Abhyanga: (əbh·yänˑ·gə) Abhyanga is soothing massage performed by one or two therapists who drizzle warm herbalized oil on the body, then massage it in with brisk, often long and flowing movements. This treatment helps detoxify the body and restore its balance. The warmth of the oil and the brisk movements are designed to drive the herbs into the body, which has a detoxifying effect.

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Trish Foss  LMP, CAP

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Ayurveda, “The science of life, ” has its roots in India and dates over 5,000 years.  Ayurveda is a wonderful complimentary healing modality used with Traditional or Eastern medicines or by itself.  The philosophy of Ayurveda helps us to remain in balance with the cycles of time and nature and acknowledges the body, mind and spirit in our path to good health.

My practice supports both traditional Western treatment massage for injury and pain management (Swedish and Deep Tissue), and Ayurvedic Massage, known as Abhyanga.

If you are interested in Pancha Karma (“Ayurvedic Cleanse” as it is sometimes called), I also offer free evaluation to see if Panchakarma is the right choice for you.

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Licensed Massage Practitioner

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Panchakarma Therapist

“My goal is to personalize what Ayurveda is for YOU so you can understand and see your own imbalances and help yourself stay healthy.”

“I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.  I stay on the topics of Dosha (Prakruti) and Dosha imbalance (Vikruiti) and make recommendations using foods, herbs and lifestyle, based on the wisdom of the ancient healing arts  of Ayurveda and Yoga.”

Be amazed at the changes that can occur when you incorporate these practices in your life!